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Glossy Skin!

by - 6:55 PM

I love this night!
My Mom, my Dad, and my aunt are asking me to go out with them.
Where are we going?
We would like to eat glossy skin.
My favorite snack.

Jagung : corn ; bakar : grilled 
Select the good corn

Put it on grill
Hey, not only one please?

Add it more

See this butter spice
It will be smeared into the corn
Various flavor, sweet, spicy, chocolate, or salty

The corn looks pretty with make-up
So glossy like a lip gloss

Or you can scrape it

It still tastes good, perfect, and delicious!!!

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2 komentar

  1. mulai wes, posting foto burem
    (karo nyepak)

  2. @Sherly : hahahahaha. Iki pasti gregeten, soale marai ngiler.


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