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Initial JG

by - 8:52 AM

I was seriously watching World News.
People are now talking about Egypt.
HOT NEWS lately huh.

I heard my Mom closed the gate.
She brought many plastic bags.
Well, she has just arrived from traditional market.
5 minutes from our house.
Not too far.
She picked up her groceries one by one.
Until finally....I saw it.
Initial JG.

Jenang Grendul is our traditional food.
I think it's suitable for dessert as it tastes sweet.
 1 portion costs Rp 2.000,-
USD 1.00 = Rp 9.000,-
How much is it anyway in a dollar?
Hahahahaha, it's only a couple cents I guess.
The ingredients are mutiara (pink color), 
ketan item (black color), and of course...
grendul (bright brown color).

It's mixed up with coconut milk squeezed,
and palm sugar which is diluted. 
Mutiara is made from tapioca flour.
Ketan item is black sticky rice
Grendul is made from glutinous rice flour.

My 2nd brother really likes this food.
As he always arrives at noon...after office hour,
my Mom keeps it at refrigerator.

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