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Japanese Pillow

by - 12:49 AM

It's Saturday Night!!!
A day to spend a loooongggggggg night as tomorrow is Sunday.
I was watching a news on television.
I saw how Japanese people sleeping.
They're using small pillow.
It's cute I guess...and very unique.
As mostly people....including me...sleep with large pillow.

Hhm...stop right there. Suddenly I feel hungry.
Then I ask my Dad to accompany me going out.
He said yes.
Ah, my Mom and my Aunt heard it.
They join me also.
Take a look what I bought.
This is Roti Bakar.
Roti : bread, bakar : roasted.

What do you like?
Smear of pineapple jam
with strawberry jam
scraped cheese
 You can choose!
There are chocolate, peanut, milk, or you can mix it.
Chocolate strawberry, chocolate cheese, etc.
Roast it again
The bread is ready
Cut it into some parts
The shape is cute, isn't it?
Just like Japanese pillow.
What a lovely Saturday night.
Thanks, Dad...I'm full now and I can continue writing my novels.

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2 komentar

  1. hahahha...
    kamu bilang ke tukangnya ,.. bentar pak .. bentar.. foto dulu.
    pasti gtu ya :)) hahahaha

  2. @Yhosie : aku ngomong gtuh emang. Lha kok dadakno wong'e ndredeg tho, Chi. Dipikir'e aku iki staf'e Pak Bondan paleng. Wkwkwkwkwkwk.


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