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Just Laugh!

by - 7:50 PM

I'm so happy today. You know what, finally my best friends and I are able to gather and have lunch together. So precious moment as we are very seldom to meet up each other. We're busy with our own activities.

Eating is the most favorite time for us. Hahahahaha. All of us really like to eat. Today we went to Agung Resto. 

"Chi, what will you order?" I asked.
"Hhm, Javanese Fried Rice." Yochi said.
"The drink?" I asked.
"Hot Tea and Strawberry Juice." Yochi said.
Hhm...I will order Javanese Fried Rice too and...
Es Teler." I said.
Es Teler is mix up fruits with ice and syrup.
Es : ice, teler : drunk
Hehehehehe, it's just a name, but it's very famous in our country.

I started to call the waiter, then suddenly...

"Hey, don't you ask me?" Shinta asked with open wide eyes.
"Oh, pardon, I thought you're not hungry." I said.
"She's on diet, Wina." Yochi said. 
"Just order oatmeal then." I said.
"How dare you!" Shinta said.

Then all of us are laughing loudly. She ordered Seafood Fried Noodle, Banana Milkshake, and Pratha Curry.

Best friends are so meaningful for me. We can share anything, happiness, joyful, failure, sadness, and even dreams.

I love you guys.
During lunch, we just laughed. Just laugh!
Lucky that we did not choke.

Below is our photo when we were still in a college.
Who is the most photogenic huh?
Shinta at right side, Yochi in the middle,
and me on the left.


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2 komentar

  1. wkwkkwwkw...
    aku kelewatan gak baca yg ini td pagi ...
    heyy, im not ordering strawberry juice!
    it was watermelon :p

    we better do this again next time ..

  2. @Yhosie : hahahahahahah, maap. Salah. SIP! Mantab!


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