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by - 3:44 AM

My 3rd brother has sent me message.
He asked : "Hey, what do you want to buy?"
Me : "Huh? Where are you?"
"I'm going around with Dad." He said.
Me : "Going around? Dinner?"
"Yeap." He said.
Me : "Just buy me cenil please?"
"How many?" He asked.
Me : "Three portion please." 
"You're gonna eat three portion?!?" He got shocked.
Me : "Hey, that's for Mom, your brother, and me."
"Oh. Okay then." He said.

I was just talking to myself, 
did he think that I'm a Hulk or something,
then I have to eat 3 portion?

Well, cenil is our traditional food.
It's good for dessert as it tastes sweet.

This is cenil and friends.
Scraped coconut, liquid palm sugar.
Cenil and klepon
So pretty right?
Just mix all of it.
Then it's ready to eat.
So colorful huh?
Like lovely rainbow.

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2 komentar

  1. Gle won't find it in US and he desperately miss it :p

  2. @Petruccia : hehehehehehe. Just come to Indonesia for the holiday then. Get this lovely rainbow at my hometown :-)


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