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Magic Door

by - 11:36 PM

It's quite cold night.
I drank a big glass of hot tea.
Sat down for a while at my back veranda.
Looked up and saw many stars shined brightly.
The moon smiled at me.

I've just asked by myself...
Did they know what I felt?
BIG NO I guess.

You know what...
I have found a big hole in my heart.
Big, dark, deep, and many scars in it.
The only medicine at this moment is my finger.
Fingers who can type many words.
About pain,
and indifference.

But HEY...!
I see this door.
I really want to open it soon.
And then I will see many big hugs are waiting for me.
Warm and so peaceful.
And then...
I can step up easily to each of my hope.

Magic door...can you just open it?
*wiping tears mode on*

I took this picture (antique door) from TUGU PARK HOTEL, Malang.

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2 komentar

  1. what a sad post today ...
    i went to church yesterday .. and the priest give me lots of positive input in me..
    that's why i feel like im so in love ...

    hope u can find it too sist
    XoXo... GBU


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