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I never know what is it like...
the real marrow in our body.
Two important words are : porridge and marrow.
Another traditional food.
We call it here BUBUR SUMSUM
Bubur : porridge, sumsum : marrow
It's called sumsum as I have been informed by Mom...
the shape it's like marrow in our body.
Funny right?

This is Bubur Sumsum
It's made from rice flour, coconut milk squeezed,
a little salt, and pandan (screwpine) leaf.

I remembered, one of big and famous restaurant in Jakarta,
named Bakmi Permata, they always give the guests
this bubur sumsum freely, as their dessert trademark. 

This marrow is not alone.
Best friends exist too.
Black sticky rice

And also this, jenang grendul.
*see my previous article about jenang grendul...
Take a bowl...
Then put bubur sumsum, black sticky rice,
and jenang grendul together.
Pour coconut milk squeezed and liquid palm sugar.

Marrow is ready to be served.

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2 komentar

  1. i always ask my mom to buy me this everytime i have a sorethroat... and i eat it 3 times a day, nothing else. no wonder i can't manage my weight
    ... sigh


  2. @Yhosie : I did not pay attention lately about my weight. Kekekekekek.Just keep eating.


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