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Me vs Lady in Red

by - 2:06 AM

What do you think about that?
I'm sure that you will imagine about luxury.
Jewelry, stunning gowns, lovely make-up, or beautiful hair.

My eyes always have deeply stare to all of it.
Those stars look so gorgeous.
I know how difficult to prepare a performance like that.
They must look perfect in the public.
These pictures below are my favorite choice for the actresses,
who wear beautiful red dress. 

They look amazing in front of camera right.
While me?
I don't like to take pose in many different style...
if a camera is directed to me.
I will start to smile, to be quiet, or to stay in a confusion look.
I just can't.
Can't look good.
Finally pictures can be taken under compulsion.

Headache, leaning my head to the wall

Wake up from sleep, then 'click'
Bad hair day

Quiet with scary look to the camera

Satisfaction smile! Finally the photo session is over!

Well....that's me.
Me vs Lady in Red.

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4 komentar

  1. My potographer knows that i look bad on camera without any teeth exposed...
    she kept saying CHEEESSEE all the time!!!! hahahha..
    i think it works for you too...
    i love the one when u showing urs .. :D


  2. @Yhosie : hahahahahahhaha. Yeap, I remembered when you told me that. I think we are the same. But I wonder, why are we famous? (feel eerie mode on)

  3. Was amazed to see that you have pictures in red too. Btw I agree with Yhosie. You'll look great with all-teeth smile :)

  4. @Kinner : xixixixixixi.Thanks,Ta.Hope my teeth won't frighten you.


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