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Many health articles explain that breakfast is very important.
I absolutely agree with that,
because it can make our body has fully energy
to do activities in the whole day.
I have my own favorite menu for breakfast.
Yeah, just like the picture I attach in my blog.
Tuna sandwich.

But today my breakfast menu is not tuna sandwich,
I look in a greedy way for this.
It's our traditional food.
Pecel is salad made of blanched vegetables served with
peanut sauce.
We eat it with rice too.
Ah, delicious!

You can choose your favorite combination
But the main ingredients are vegetables, 
the peanut sauce, and peyek.
Peyek is the fried chip made from liquid flour with spices and peanut

Spinach, bean sprouts
Soybean cake
Tofu and egg

Modest tent to provide pecel
Come to Panderman area to have this delicious pecel
I suggest to be there early morning, otherwise...
you won't meet it. It's gone.
Many people in a queue to buy this pecel.
It's selling well!

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