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by - 9:40 PM

I stopped by at PIA CAP MANGKOK today.
As yesterday I've been there already.
Hhm...I really wanted to eat pia.
This snack is really yummy.

When I was a kid, the shape of pia was smaller,
and only had mung bean flavor.
But right now people make innovation.
Bigger and the content is more various.
There are cheese, coffee, chocolate, durian,
mung bean, and tangkue.

I bought one pack and it consisted of 5 pieces.
I chose cheese flavor.
So delicious.
Well, if you want to go to Malang, my hometown,
don't forget to come here.
PIA CAP MANGKOK at Jalan Semeru.
There are a lot of yummy snacks right there.
Pia is their main homemade snack.

 Ah, I forgot to take a shot of ES GOYANG.
It's our traditional ice.
Es : ice, goyang : move
It's only a name.
Will show it to you in my other page okay?

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4 komentar

  1. it's not only a name actually ..
    they should shake the container to produce these ice in the old days. that is why the name
    "ES GOYANG" .. shake it girl , shake it! hahaha

  2. @Yhosie : hahahahahahhaa. I know. I just don't want to explain it here. Chi, the way you said it...so weird.


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