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Public Relation...

by - 9:39 PM

I was still in my room and heard that voice.
I ran forward and I saw a man was standing in front of the gate.
Excuse me, Miss.
A package for Juliana Wina Rome.
Ah, ya. That's me.

Hhm....it has come already.
My books order.
 Some of my friends asked me to help them in ordering my novels.
My pleasure to assist.
So I ordered it using my account at www.nulisbuku.com
My online publisher at this moment. 
I keep begging to God, deep down in my heart,
hopefully there will be many people in this world like my writings.

I started to open the wrappings paper...
and this is it.
Oh, by the way...one of my friend will bring this to Japan.
Oh la la....
As she has married with Japanese man and will live there.

I have another Public Relation to promote my novels in Japan.
Thanks, Icha....I'm waiting the testimony ;-)

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2 komentar

  1. udah diambil ama icha .. duitnya dsini 60 y ;)
    segera diambil ,.. kalo gak, aku gak tanggung jwb xixixi

  2. @Yhosie : heheheehehe, okie dokie, Chi.


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