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Salam Manis

by - 11:52 PM

The Eucharist Mass was over.
My 2nd brother fetch us at the church as it was hard raining at noon.
My Mom said that she was hungry.
She wanted to eat Chinese food.

Then all of us went to SALAM MANIS restaurant at Boldy area.
This restaurant looks so old fashioned.
I think it's still Dutch building style.
 But they serve good quality food.

We ordered Nasi Goreng (fried rice)
Capcay (fried mix vegetables)
 Bakmi Goreng (fried noodle)

All of them were on round table.
Just rotated it one by one,
and take one spoon and move it to our each plate
*I swear, I only took one spoon for each menu, not more*
 The question is : "What kind of spoon?"
Entong a.k.a ladle
(Laughed loudly with full of self confident)

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