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Singing with Meatloaf

by - 4:22 PM

Meatloaf is a singer right? I love one of his song "I'd Do Anything For Love". It's romantic song. When I heard his name, I directly imagine about a big hunk of meat. But it's only a name.

I search the meaning of meatloaf. It means egg covered by meat...and it shaped like a bread. Hhm, I keep trying to figure it. The point is : there are two important words : meat and egg.

My lunch today.
There are meat and egg.
We call it daging rica rica.
It's a recipe from Manado, my Mom.
Daging : meat.
Take a look of those bakwan.
I have written about it before.
See it in my article "Tiny Bakwan"
I forget to add the chips.
Kerupuk udang.
Kerupuk : chip
Udang : shrimp

Green tea to end up singing with meatloaf ;-)

Blink blink message *Actually I can't eat the meat in a real shape like that, so I ate it without chewing it. I'm not a meat lovers.*

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