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Sleepy Eyes

by - 8:09 AM

"Morning!" My Dad said.
He is the first person who always wake up early everyday.
He saw my lamp was still turning on.
He would like to turn it off as I usually fell asleep
on my table, near my laptop.
But he saw me awake.

"You haven't slept yet?" My Dad asked.
"I have slept, Dad." I said.

Hoahhmmmm....!I slept at 11.00 pm last night and woke up at 3.00 am. Only took 4 hours sleep. 

I started to make hot chocolate milk, fried omelet, and of course my black medicine (black coffee of Sido Mulia).
*see my previous article Black Medicine*

This is my breakfast today.

Dancow Chocolate Milk
My Omelet and Black Medicine
Cut the leeks, poured little salt,
added some chili sauce.
Black Medicine

It was good enough to start my activities today. You know what...to watch sunrise, hear the birds sing, inhale fresh morning air...are very beautiful moment. But unfortunately, I've become a bat...sleep in the morning and wake up at the afternoon most of the time. Huahuahuahua (devils laughter mode on).



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