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Transit in Madura

by - 1:56 PM

Madura is one of island in Indonesia.
The location is in East Java.
Most of Madurese are known as merchant.
They manage their own business on trade.
As small entrepreneurs.

In my town local market, Madurese are busy everyday
to sell their products.
Fruit, vegetable, chili, or even as restaurant owner.

Today, I transit in Madura.
Having my special lunch.
Nasi : rice 
Bhuk : means how to call women in Madurese

Start to order
The dish are inside shop window
You can choose
Fried chicken, innards, or meat sate
Sate : small pieces of meat roasted on skewer
  She is busy to serve
This is my lunch.

This restaurant starts open at morning until night
From 7.00 am to 7.00 pm
So based on your appetite...
you will have it as breakfast or lunch or dinner
Come to Jalan Kawi
Jalan : street
Actually a lot of NASI BHUK restaurants in Malang,
but I often come here, on Jalan Kawi,
the place is nice and clean.

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