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Unfriendly Weather

by - 1:34 AM

Unfriendly weather this midnight.
It's raining outside.
But it feels so hot.
My body is sweating.
I can't continue my writing anymore.

I start to go to the kitchen,
take my big glass,
and make orange juice with a lot of ice cubes.
Ah, feel fresh.

If I read in the internet, news about earth,
I feel worried.
Human being become greedy to the nature.
They utterly destroy without responsibility.
Cut the wood in the forests, use dynamite to catch fish,
water wasting, garbage in the river, electric squandering,
pollutions, or even sadistic animal killing 
(elephants, whales, sharks, turtles)

Come on, people!
EARTH is getting older.
Look at many natural disaster lately.
It's because of your mistakes. Your own mistakes.
 EARTH is damaged everywhere.

Start it from yourself.
I use water thriftily, 
always turn off the electrical things if I don't use it,
  throw the rubbish into the basket,
or gardening plants.
But at least I can reduce the EARTH damages.

Amazing green forest

Clean river

No garbage on the street

City garden and the fresh air

Clean sky without pollution

Those pictures will make us healthy
and live longer as we want to stay in a condition like that.
Let's do the right things for this EARTH, people!

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  1. Panas'e puuuooollllllllllllllllllllll

  2. @Yhosie : iyah. Bener" deh. Ampe mlm" yaa minum es.


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