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Boom!Night Package....:-)

by - 7:39 PM

I was in my room
Suddenly my Mom screamed
"Wina...take a look please! There is someone in front of the gate!"
I ran forward
That man asked my signature
Then he went away
Hhm....quite big and heavy
What is it?
From who?
I couldn't see the writing as it's dark outside

Finally I'm yelling...
Boom!Night Package...:-)
I'm so happy
All of these are beautiful
And I love this one most
I can go anywhere with this bag
put that book inside 
and reading it at my break

My friends always give me a spirit
Looking at this book, has made me realized
Dreams may come true
Hope that someday...my novels will be described like this
Juliana Wina Rome


Thank you so much for the gift, guys :-)
Sherly Susan : photographer
Jeffery Witat Supardan : motivator & businessman

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