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Bumpkin Girl-Page 1

by - 12:03 PM

"Hey, I got ya!" 
"I can beat it! You lose!"
Vermont keeps laughing while he brings the ball.
"You cheat. No, no, no, you cheat!"
Bumpkin Girl is trying to catch him.

"Listen to me, BG!"
"You can't catch me because you can't run!"
Vermont said while he runs quickly to avoid her.

Bumpkin Girl stops for a while and then...
she forces herself not to be angry.
She saw Vermont in a loudly laughter from far away.
Then he is bowing his body to fix his sandals.

1 step, 2 step, and then 5 steps.

(three time punches on Vermont's back)
Bumpkin Girl took the ball hardly and ran away

"Hey!" Vermont screamed.
"Give it back to me!"

Bumpkin Girl keeps running
She is entering her house and closing the door

Vermont is standing outside.
He is waiting whether she will come out
But finally he just saw her peeps at her window

"I win!Yeeyyyy me!"
Bumpkin Girl screams loudly.

Vermont is sullen, then he is going back to his house.

Bumpkin Girl is smiling by herself
She watches that ball while she is thinking something
Then she smiles again

"BG....!What are you doing there? Help me here will ya."
*no answer*
"Where is she anyway?"
*in the backyard*
"There you are. What are you doing here?"

"Nothing, Mom."

To be continued...

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  1. wakakaka
    mukanya masih tetep yah ga brubah..
    ya kaya gtu dech kalo sekarang ketahuan hbs ambil makanan dr dapur :))


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