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Charity : Sharing with Love

by - 5:11 PM

My 2nd brother had an idea.
He said to my Mom and my Dad.
Since he got a job for the first time....
and it has been going until now,
he never shares some gift with others.

We have discussed which place to be visited.
And we have found this.
It's a foundation for orphanage.
The location is in Batu city.

We have decided to give them daily needs,
such as soaps, toothbrush, detergent, shampoo,
rice, instant noodle, and sugar.
My 2nd brother also asked his friend to join.
Thanks to Hanik.
And then our cousin came into our house,
and she gave some gift too.
Thanks to Grace.

Upon our arrival there, our eyes were glistening with tears.
It was so touching to see them.
Deep down in my heart, I never stop to say,
that I'm so lucky.

We felt amazed to see their spirit to live.
They never complain and always be thankful to God of what they have,
although only small portion.
We were happy at that day.
We hope that God will smile to see what we've done.

I pray....
Dear Lord, please take care all of them
I know that Your hand is very powerful.
Just take care all of them please.

They gave us entertainment.
With Ebenezer management
We prayed together
Look at these children please.
They're so tough.
Even these little girls
They showed their best pose when I directed my camera to them
They smiled!
*but my eyes were glistening with tears actually*

I hope that someday we can do this again
Maybe we will ask many friends also to join

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