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Dear Papa...:-)

by - 11:18 AM

I read a news not in a coincidence
My online publisher held a writing contest
It's including in one of their charity projects
Ah, I decided to join

Website reference for the project

I love the topic
Write a letter for Papa
I started to open Ms.Word
Wrote it, sentence by sentence

Suddenly I stopped in the middle of paragraph
I took a piece of tissue
I wiped my tears
I just....
I just don't know...everytime I talk about Papa...
I always cry
His life is full of fight, struggle, and work hardly
He's so tough!

I'm happy because my writing has been chosen
to be made as lovely book
together with other writers too
It's kind of writing collection

So if you wanna contribute a little gift
just buy this book at www.nulisbuku.com
The book title is #DearPapa-buku1
My writing is inside that book 
(Wina Sayang Papa ; Papa Chayank)
The price is only Rp 45.000,-
it's about USD 5.00
excluding delivery cost

Hope you like it.
Dear Papa...:-)
I can't say many words to you
if I stand up in front of you
So...I made this

A big hug for you always, Papa
I love you so much
From me :
Your Daughter

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2 komentar

  1. hhmm....

    aku bisa membayangkan :D
    dasar cengeng xixixixixi ( podho )

    Xo ..

  2. @Yhosie : hehehehehehhe. Cengeng emang.


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