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Double S at Night

by - 1:36 AM

I have an important thing in my bag right now.
I don't know, lately I really like to take pictures,
about anything.
Is it crazy? 
Hope not.

Wearing sandals, tie up my hair, a big bag in my shoulder,
put my glasses in the proper position...

I'm landing...
from one place to another.

Got my satisfaction, indeed. 
The weather is quite windy.
I felt cold.
Upon my arrival at home, I need something warm.
SKOTENG is here!!!
It's our traditional drink.
Consists of duo sugar & ginger crumbs,
dried seaweed, raisin, and peanut.
Put all of them in the glass and pour hot water into it.
Hhm, delicious. I like this.
I felt that a thick sweater has wrapped my body.
My brothers have stood up behind me.
They said : "You look like a Grandma."
I was just in silence and then said : "Bring my teeth here please!"
My brothers response : @$#%^@#@#^%&*(#@!$$&

Well, it was truly double S at night.
......Sneak away at my lovely town
......Skoteng blend from my home bar

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