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Hair Loss Theraphy

by - 6:14 PM

What kind of hair do you have?
Long, short, dry, oily, damaged?
Any type of it...can cause hair loss.
It's really annoying

I have long hair and I treat it traditionally
This ingredients combination came from my grandmother
I have used the herbal one already,
one product from www.to-ye.com
But...three times in a month,
I always use this treatment also
I feel lucky if I stayed at my home,
because I can get the ingredients easily

Daun mangkokan / cup leaf / nothopanax scuttelanium

Actually the step is,
boiled the cup leaf, candlenut, and coconut oil,
and then take the water,
rub it into your head skin,
massage it slowly

But I want to use the essence of those ingredients directly
So, I just put the cup leaf and candlenut into blender
Shatter it, squeeze it, and take the essence
Rub it into your head skin
Cover your head with towel
Let it for 1 hour 
Then rinse it with shampoo

This is the picture of nothopanax scutellanium

Feel it!
You won't find hair loss anymore

The hair will smell nice...and so soft...

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5 komentar

  1. or simply have a lot of money so you won't think too hard and you won't loose your hair heheheheheheheheheeeee....

  2. @Sherly : don't be wrong, a lot of rich people become bald. Wkwkwkwkwkkwkwk.

  3. tempelin duitnya pake lem di rambut!
    gitu kali maksdnya susan ? :D xixixixixixi

  4. @Yhosie : palengggggg.Jd kyk Paman Gober.

  5. ojok ngono tah, wong Donald Trump ae gak nempelno duit nang rambut wkwkwkwkwk


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