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Layered Cake!

by - 4:46 PM

I received a gift from my aunt
Wrapped out in a red box
And there is a writing "SPECIAL"

It's a layered cake
We call it here LAPIS LEGIT
Sweet and soft cake
There are yellow and brown lines
Side by side

I made hot tea directly
This afternoon looks perfect
Wanna join with me? ;-)

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4 komentar

  1. fave nya ko apit neehh!!!

    PS : ih, loe mah bener2 makanan mulu yak!! :))

  2. @OneSiX Production : Kesini aja. Msh bnyk. Emang slogan awak adalah Live to Eat. Wkwkwkwkwkwk.

  3. wow,yummy..mau dong..salam kenal.kalau ada waktu,kunjungi blog ane ya.

  4. @i-one : ambilllll aja kuenya. Ga pake bayar kok. Gratis. Selamat menikmati yah. Hehehehehe....
    Salam kenal juga. Ok, will do.


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