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I was so hungry...
My mom was still going somewhere with my dad.
She said that I must wait for her
Do not buy the food outside, she reminded me

Hhm, okay....
I keep waiting

When she got home, I'm screaming happily
"Mom, I'm starving!"
"May I cook my own food?"
She said a big NO.

I was just thinking, what is she going to do?

I smelled something is fried, boiled, and pulverized...
The fish is fried....it's mujair and lele (our local fish here)
Tahu (tofu) and tempe (soybean cake) are also fried
Rice....as usual
Kangkung is boiled, just boiled without any spices
not even salt, we call it here kulupan,
kangkung is our favorite vegetable,
mostly it's served at restaurants in my country
Kangkung : leafy vegetable usually grow in water
Then sambal terasi
Sambal : sauce ; terasi : dried shrimp paste 

Lesehan means eating by using hand, 
in a cool and fresh place, with nice weather,
sitting down on the floor,
sometimes with carpet, plait a mat, bamboo,
or just on the floor

The common menu are fried chicken/fish, tofu, soybean cake,
kulupan, lalapan (various uncooked vegetables), petai (sator),
and sambal of course

This is the best home cooking...
that always be missed

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  1. finally! bs masuk juga .. :D

    enyak enyak enyak jd laper


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