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Nice & Cheap

by - 4:02 PM

In my previous article,
I have shared my story about spent my time with my best friends.
*see my article Just Laugh*

We had lunch together.
We looked at the menu.
Miss, we ordered please!

Javanese Fried Rice
This fried rice is different with the others
I mean, like made by Chinese restaurant
There are slices of boiled egg on it
Simple Fried Noodle

As the weather was very hot, 
all of us ordered various cold drink
 Banana Milkshake
Watermelon Juice and Es Teler
Es : ice ; teler : drunk
It's just a name, don't worry, it's not using alcohol
Es Teler is made from various fruits such as ,
honeydew melon, coconut, jackfruit, avocado, 
seaweed, and kolang kaling.
Mix all of it with milk squeezed coconut, scraping ice, and milk.
Kolang kaling : the fruit of the sugar palm

Another beautiful day in my life
Ate delicious food with my best friends
Just come to Agung Resto,
at Jalan Basuki Rahmat, near with BCA center
 Nice and Cheap!

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2 komentar

  1. you forget mention ...
    its only Rp 500,00 for hot tea! :D

    super cheap!

  2. @Achie : hahahahahahaha. Forgot that.


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