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@Stone City

by - 10:12 PM

Use your seat belt, Sis.
My brother reminded me.
We went to a nice place to spend weekend.
My parents, my 2nd brother, and myself.
We were @Stone City.

Stone City...I mean kota Batu.
Kota : city ; Batu : stone.
Yeap, that's a name.
Batu is near with my town, Malang.
It only takes 30 minutes,
without traffic jam.
But if the street is very crowded,
you can spend 1,5 hours.

This city is pretty, the weather is cold and fresh,
so green...as many plants right there.
And for culinary?
Don't ask it anymore.

We came to our favorite stand.
My Dad seems want to eat it soon.
He looked impatient.
Hhm, yummmmmyyyyyyyyyyy.
The location is around Batu town square.
Near with alun-alun.
Alun-alun : town square.
And we also ordered this.
Es campur and es rumput laut.
Es : ice
Mix fruits with ice scrapping.
Seaweed with ice scrapping.
I love this one!
Ah, being here...@Stone City...has made us finding relaxation.
Enjoyed the food, the view, and the air too.
Thanks so much, dear God....for your blessing today.

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