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Tahu Campur

by - 10:10 PM

My 2nd brother is calling me.
He has arrived from the office.
Look, I bought something for you!
This is very nice, Sis.
The best one near my office.
You have to try.
I kept looking on him.
He did the promotion so well while I started to sniff.
It smelled good.

I have told you before about Tahu Tek.
*see my article The Simply Mix of Tahu Tek*
Both of them are having the same ingredient, it's using tofu.
I mean, the main ingredient.
But in tahu tek, tofu is fried.
While this, everything is boiled.
They are meat, tofu, potato, bean sprouts
lettuce, vermicelli (sohun).
And the main spice is using petis.
Petis : shrimp paste (condiment of fermented fish or shrimp)

See this.
 Actually I can't eat the meat in a real shape like this.
I gave the meat to my 3rd brother and he gave me his big smile.
The gravy tasted delicious.
I love it.
Thanks, Bro!

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