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Woku Woku

by - 3:24 PM

Waka Waka...!!!
That's Shakira's song for World Cup in Africa.
But this time it's about Woku Woku.
Another my Mom Manado food list.
Actually the name is Woku Belanga.

 The main ingredient is fish.
Red snapper (ikan kakap merah), or Spanish mackerel (ikan tengiri)
Fish : ikan
But my Mom usually buys ikan ekor kuning.
(a fish with yellow tail)
I don't know what is the name in English.
Maybe this is our local fish.

My family really adore it.
We adore fish.
This is Woku Belanga.
Red & Hot!
Hhm, yummmmyyy!
See those spices.
They are floating with the fish in the wok.
I directly take a plate.
Accompanied by hot rice, this woku woku tasted good!
You're my favorite chef, Mom.

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