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The 6th Sense

by - 5:03 AM

Hello again...:-)
I'm trying to smile as I'm not in a good condition at this moment
Tears and sickness
My body turns into weakness again
Fever and hard flu

But that's okay
Be grateful to Jesus again as I can publish my 6th book
This is my special book as I dedicated to spectacular person also
Yes, I'm a greatest fans of Alessandro Del Piero
And this book was inspired by him
Purely my own imagination, romance fiction
Very romantic and touching

Unbelievable, finally I can do it as before it was only living in a dream
Hhm, actually I would like to process my publication through www.nulisbuku.com...my online publisher in Indonesia
But...I have the 6th sense
What about if it is published through www.lulu.com?
'I got the reference from my friend'
What about if it is made into E-Book?
And voila....those two questions have been answered
I've decided publishing it through www.lulu.com
You can purchase online
You can choose it
Novel or E-Book
You can find it there
*just click the banner on the right column at my blog*
Get the discount also
And have a chance to read my writing ;-)

Catilia yang cantik dan pandai melukis hanya diminta untuk menemani sahabatnya yang gila bola pergi ke Torino. 
Apa yang terjadi di kota itu? 
Apa yang terjadi antara Catilia dan striker Juventus yang tampan?

The beautiful and talented painter Catilia just accompany her football maniac best friend go to Torino. 
What is going on in that city? 
What happen between Catilia and the handsome Juventus striker?

El pintor bella y talentosa Catilia simplemente acompanar a su mania de futbol el mejor amigo de ir a Torino. 
Que esta pasando en esa ciudad? 
Que pasa entre Catilia y el apuesto delantero de la Juventus?

La bellissima e bravissima pittrice Catilia solo accompagnarla maniaco calcio migliore amica andare a Torino.
Che cosa sta succedendo in quella citta? 
Che cosa succedera tra Catilia e l'attaccante bel Juventus?

Enjoy it :-)

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