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Bumpkin Girl-Page 2

by - 9:41 PM

"BG....come come...wake up!"
BG is still sleeping soundly under her thin blanket.
Her Mom is slapping her back.

"Hhm...." BG murmured.
"It's morning already, time to go with your Dad."
"I'm still sleepy, Mom."
"No,no,no...you will be late. Up, up, up!"

BG started to sit down on her bed.
She folded the blanket, tidied up the bed,
and took a bath quickly.

"Nah, there you are. Come here, let me dress you."
Her Mom takes her light brown dress.
"Do you like this?"
BG nodded her head.

"Mom, should I wear that white shoes?"
"Yes, because that's the only one, which is still quite good."
Then BG started to take her socks.

"Just wait your Dad in the veranda, BG."
"Ok, Mom."
"Oh, don't be naughty at the church okay?"
BG smiled and nodded her head again.
"Sis, do I look cool with my red boots?"
"Yeap." BG said.

To be continued

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2 komentar

  1. ahahhahhaa... kliatan tuh bandelnya sejak msh kecil :p

  2. @Yhosie : hehehehehe, ga bandel kok, cuman nakal dikit.


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