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Es Campur

by - 3:39 PM

When I went out with my Mom....
there is one place in the corner
Suddenly she pointed it
Look, that stand is still open until now
"What stand, Mom?"

 ES TALUN is a small stand in TALUN area in my hometown
It has existed since 1950
Can you imagine that?
Since my Mom was in Elementary School
 So both of us stopped by
We ordered es campur
Es : ice ; campur : mix
 My Mom said : "The taste is still the same."
Still delicious
 I just smiled and convinced myself...
I'm sure that while she is eating es campur,
her mind is thinking about the memory,
once upon a time...when she sat there with her friends 
But now...she's back again...with a daughter
Life is a mystery

Preparation of the ingredients
Kolang kaling, ketan hitam, nanas, dawet 
Kolang kaling : a fruit of sugar palm
Ketan hitam : black sticky rice
Nanas : pineapple
Dawet : something made from rice flour
*see the green things in the small bowl*
Take a look of this traditional tool
That's the shaved ice comes from
An hour of nostalgia with my Mom
Another precious moment of me

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2 komentar

  1. wah .. gaya skrg ada kursi2 ama payung segala ...

  2. @Yhosie : itu aku yg beli. Wkwkwkwkwkwkwk. Biar keliatan gaol getooohhh.


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