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I'm in a Cafe at Bandung

by - 9:58 PM

What do you think about Bandung?
To me...this city is lovely
Various yummy food
Chic clothes,
and nice weather

Talking about food, always make me excited fully
You can't imagine how many is that
The food...
A thousand I guess
It's started from appetizer, main food, desserts, 
drinks, or even snack
It's a lot!
Cafes, stands, or restaurants are designed and decorated so beautifully

I will tell you...I received a gift, from my cousin in Bandung
Yes, he came to my house today
He said that...this is the best in his town
He knew me so well
I like to drink coffee and he brought this
I opened it, then smelled it
Ah, so nice....!
He brought two types "ROBUSTA & MOKKA ARABIKA"
 I directly took a small cup and tried the Mokka Arabika
Nice...and hhm....small donuts have made my noon perfetto
It feels like...I'm in a Cafe at Bandung

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