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Mujair Santan

by - 2:56 PM

"Why you look so busy, Mom?"
"You bought a lot of fish?"
"What for?"
She keeps washing the mujair carefully
Mujair is our local fish here
It tastes sweet and soft

"My best friends have ordered mujair santan, Wina."
Santan : coconut milk 
"Oh, I see. It's yummy, Mom. I like that."
"Are you going to give all of this fish to them, Mom?"
"Hhm, nope. I left it two...for you and your brother."

The fish are still in the wok
The stove is still on
I take it directly into my bowl
See those basils
I really enjoyed it
A lot of basils in mujair santan
Taste more delicious!

Thanks, Mom!

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