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by - 4:30 AM

Yesterday my Mom was very busy
There was a gathering in my house
It's attended by wives community
You can imagine how noisy that was

That's okay, a couple of hours hearing their chit chat
I didn't pay attention of it
Because I was busy eating various cakes

One of them is pastel
I didn't know....I didn't count
How many I ate it
This is it....
 All day long was rainy in my town
And this lovely pastel was very suitable with hot tea

In here, pastel is categorized into three types
Pastel basah, pastel kering, and pastel tutup
Basah : wet ; kering : dry ; tutup : closed
Pastel basah is filled by carrot, potato, ragout, boiled egg, and sohun
Depends on flavor
Sohun : harusame (Japanese), woon sen (Thai) 

Pastel kering identically with abon as the content
Abon : shredded meat that has been boiled and fried 
While PASTEL TUTUP is similar with pie
So, which one do you like?
Actually I like pastel tutup

I still have some...do you want to eat it? :-)

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