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by - 3:08 PM

When I woke up from my sleep
I took a deep breath
Opened my eyes
And said 'Thank God, I'm still alive'
I also think...when I started to move my body
I wish I'm pretty like Jennifer Lopez
I wish I'm sexy like Shakira
I wish I have a lot of money like Mark Zuckerberg
I wish I'm explicit like General
I wish I'm discipline like Marine
I wish I have many best friends
I wish I don't have problems
I wish I can be a role model for my family
I wish I'm His beloved so that He can hear my prayers
I wish many good things

I'm only human
Who have something less
That can't be fulfilled by myself
We live each other, to complete each other
But not all people able to do that
They just want to see a perfection

Hey, I'll keep doing what I can do
The best as possible as I can
Hope it can be seen
Although only in a very small part

ME with my wishes

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