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Soybean Triplets

by - 10:38 PM

I saw some groceries in the kitchen
Vegetables, eggs, flour, fruits,
chips, and spices

But there were two boxes
Wrapped up with plastic
When I opened it...
Ah, it's soybean triplets
Tempe, Tahu, & Tempe Kacang
Tempe : soybean cake ; tahu : tofu
Tempe kacang it's our traditional soybean cake 
*see my previous article Snack in A Confusion*
All of them are made from soybean

I wondered, what are they going to be?
And finally it's becoming sayur tempe tahu
Cooked by using coconut milk,
And mix it with shrimps and cecek...
Cecek : kulit sapi / beef rind
Made my dinner tonight was delicious
Hhm, more perfect with rice and sambal teri

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