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by - 3:06 PM

I started to open www.lulu.com
My intention is that I would like to check the progress
When my book copy will arrive here
I read the rules
Hhm....it's gonna take 2 - 8 working days

Keep waiting...
I really want to figure what it looks like

I predicted...I will receive it in the beginning of May
And it's true....

On 3rd May afternoon, 
I heard the postman screamed in front of the gate
"Package for Juliana Wina Rome?"
Ah, that's me!!!
I opened it
This is the book that has been published through www.lulu.com
The book is quite big
I think that's okay...it looks special for me
 Do you like football?
Read this book,
because it's telling about the romance of Juventus striker 
Don't miss it
Search my name Juliana Wina Rome at www.lulu.com
and put 'HONESTY' in the cart 


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