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34 Years !!!

by - 9:30 AM

MOM, DAD...!!!
 I just want to say,

You have walked so far
And I count...it has been 34 years
You live as husband and wife
With love, compassion, and loyalty

May this lovely day, will be blessed by Jesus
I keep praying, your marriage will be last ever after
Just like you have said for the 1st time at the church
'Till death do us apart'
and may God will make it longer, longer, longer....

I Love You So Much, Mom & Dad...

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2 komentar

  1. Aww, happy anniversary to your parents! I'm happy they stayed together for that long! that's rare! and it's truly a blessing when you know people have found their soul mate :) ! every girl can only hope for something so wonderful. ;)

  2. @Shona : thank you so much. Yes, you're right, I'm as their daughter hope the same life just like them someday. Have a truly soulmate.


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