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All Of The Lights

by - 4:07 AM

All Of The Lights...All Of The Lights...
Nope, this is not Rihanna feat. Kanye West song
It was just my feeling when I opened this door
People were waiting and talking each other warmly
The light illuminated so brightly
Flame on candles,
has made the small table looked pretty
Flower was blooming
The chips said hello
While me?
I brought a piece of paper
Guided the small cocktail party
Don't think that I'm a singer as you saw the piano right there,
I was just being conducted as a host
*shy mode on*

Hold on...
This was the most interesting thing
The cakes and the fruits were so cute
I remembered how it tasted, delicious

I found these pictures in my old folder,
some shots that made me smiled,
the past in my previous company,
a place for me...to learn many things ;-)

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2 komentar

  1. I really wanna learn how to play the piano :( xD

  2. @Shona : me too.And guitar also.Those instruments sound lovely.


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