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At Train Station

by - 4:48 AM

OMG!!!!! I miss my blog!!!
I was so busy finishing my books
Plus....there was technical problem of my blog
I don't know...what's going on...the cute background has disappeared
I was so sad and I have no time to fix it
Finally I did it
Well...still imperfect, I'll do it better...later....

I want to tell you something, I'm a little bit unhappy
Because my second brother must live outside Malang
He got a good job in Jember city
So my weekly activity is dropping him at train station
He always goes home every Friday, and back again on Monday noon
Come with me to the tour okay?
The tour at Train Station
 Stay healthy
 Stay green
 People are waiting the train patiently
Mostly, it comes late
Some important places
Get ready, the train is coming
 Time to leave, let's enter the train


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