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Between Prayer & Gathering

by - 1:15 AM

Our tradition here is always praying when one of our family has passed away
3rd day, 7th day, 40th day, 1 year, 2 year, and last 3 year (1000 days)
It's conventionally Javanese celebration for the death people
(kind of custom and faith for inhabitant who lives in Java island)
If you're rich, you can make luxurious ceremony,
expensive dish and even souvenirs 

As my big uncle has died a week ago,
my dad has decided to held a gathering in our house
Just pray together to send him prayers

I really like this time very much,
because my dad's relatives mostly are humorous people
We can talk each other warmly

Well, there is something we all have been waiting for,
between prayer and gathering,
time for dinner!
It's truly my Mom's cooking,
traditional food
There are sayur labu santan, sambal terasi, mujair santan, mujair goreng
Sayur : vegetable ; labu : chayote / choko ; mujair : local fish 
sambal : sauce ; terasi : dried shrimp paste
santan : coconut mlik ; goreng : fried
Lele goreng, sambal terong, tahu goreng, tempe goreng,
sayur sawi putih & kedelai, and mendoan
Lele : local fish (similar with eel) ; terong : aubergine eggplant
tahu : tofu ; tempe : tempeh / soybean cake
sawi putih : wom-bok ; kedelai : bean shoot

We're full and my relatives went home happily
Thanks, Mom! :-)

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