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Chocolate Wafers

by - 2:05 AM

The air conditioner at the hospital was so cold
I regularly visit my big uncle (hope he will get well soon)
Plus...the weather in my hometown is also colder than before
Can you imagine? 
My body was frozen
My leg was frozen

When I arrived at home, I directly make a glass of hot tea
And my Mom gave me this
Chocolate Wafers

Ah, perfect night
I'm wearing sweater, socks, and long pants
Hot tea and chocolate wafers have made me...
writing in a comfortable condition
Thanks, Mom! :-)

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2 komentar

  1. I LOVE WAFERS. Specially the strawberry ones

  2. @Shona : what about if we exchange? I give you chocolate wafers, then you give me grilled pineapple sundae ;-)


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