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CSI:NY Fire Lesson

by - 4:08 PM


Fire Lesson

A lesson is still explained seriously in the class. The lecturer is talking in front of the class. He is standing in front of the blackboard…handsome, long blonde hair, cool glasses, expensive watch on his wrist, and nice clothes. He keeps focusing to the subject but sometimes he looks in a glance to a sexy girl near him. She is sitting in the second row. She looks at him with sexy look. She licks her mouth with her tongue and plays her pen with her mouth. He stares at her for a couple second and he holds his desire by swollen his saliva. Then he is back again to the blackboard and writes some sentences right there. Meanwhile she keeps showing her sexy moves until unrealized…a boy in the corner is watching her.
            “Hmm….yeah….” The girl felt excited in the school toilet.
            The lecturer keeps kissing her lips, her neck, her breast, and back to her lips again, more desirable. He opens her skirt and takes off her panties. He touches her breast, then he started to open his trouser.
              Both of them are making love passionately.
           “You’re so hot, baby.” The girl said while she wore her clothes and walked outside.
            Before she opened the door, the lecturer pulls her again and kisses her. He kept smiling by himself after the door is closed.
            She walks along the corridor. She doesn’t know….a boy is following her. She is laughing happily inside her car and drives it home.
            “Yes! Wait!” The girl screamed when she has arrived at home. “Where are Mom and Dad? No message where they are going.” She checked the notes beside the telephone before she opened the door. “Oh, hey, Mark. What made you here, baby?” She kept smiling, pulled him, and tried to kiss him.
            Mark rejected. His face changes into anger. “What are you doing, Sandra??!!??” He presses her arm hardly.
            “Mark! You’re hurting me! Stop it!” Sandra screamed in pain.
            “I saw you with him!!!” Mark screamed angrily.
            “Ouch! Let go of me!” She pushed his body strongly and she ran into her room.
            Mark tried to chase her. “I got you!” He held both of her hands tightly.  “Hmm…come on….kiss me….touch me just like you touch him.” He caught her lips and carried her to her bedroom.
            “Why are you so angry like that, baby?”
            “Sandra, I gave you this book, I wrote many poems for you. I’m in love with you. But you hurt me. I saw it with my own eyes. How you…” Mark hasn’t finished his words.
            Sandra kissed him passionately. “It’s just for fun. Nothing more.” She said while she played her finger on his naked chest.
            Mark just stays in a silence. “I will go back here tonight. I have something to show you.” He woke up then he wore his clothes. “See you tonight.” His expression is cold.
            Sandra is still naked on her bed and watched him leave. She is stretching out on her back.
            The door sounds cracking. Then it’s closed.
            “Mom, Dad!” Sandra screamed from her room.
            No answer. Silent.
            “Hhm….I’m so happy today.” Sandra talked by herself. “Who is coming?” She woke up and stood up in front of her wardrobe.
            Suddenly from behind, someone is closing her mouth with hand, bend her head to the wardrobe’s door, and stick her neck with small axe. She falls down directly with many bloods flowing on the floor.

at Crime Scene Investigation

            |Don Flack| “Hey, Mac. I have interviewed Sandra’s parents. They’re still shock. I’ll talk to them later again.”
            |Mac Taylor| “Just make sure that they won’t touch anything in this house.”
            |Don Flack| “Okay.” He walked outside the room.
            |Jo Danville| She is taking pictures to the death body and some evidences around it. She puts some particles into the envelope.
            |Danny Messer| He takes some fragments from Sandra’s neck.
            |Lindsay Monroe| She checks all of Sandra’s stuff, clothes, books, CDs, make-up, and shoes. “This girl likes sexy dresses.”
            |Danny Messer| “Make sure that you will pay attention to Lucy’s dresses when she grows up.” He stood up behind Lindsay.
            |Lindsay Monroe| She smiles to Danny.
            |Don Flack| “Mac, my crew said…there is no indication to robbery. Sandra’s parents have checked their precious stuff, everything is on their place intact.”
            |Mac Taylor| “Let’s find the truth then.”

at CSI : NY office

            |Sid Hammerback| He washes the death body. Wearing his unique glasses, now he is checking on her stomach.
            |Sheldon Hawkes| “What did you get, Sid?” Sheldon is wearing his plastic gloves.
            |Sid Hammerback| “It’s quite interesting, Sheldon. I found some bruises on her neck. It seems that someone has strangled her. When I checked the shape of the hands, it’s referring to man.”
            |Sheldon Hawkes| “The bruises is new, Sid?”
            |Sid Hammerback| “Not quite new, it’s about five days ago.”
            |Sheldon Hawkes| “Do you think it can be traced? The finger print on her neck?”
            |Sid Hammerback| “Ask Adam. Maybe he can do it.” He smiled to Sheldon. “Owh, this girl is having sex with Mark Miller before she died. I found his sperm on her.”
            |Sheldon Hawkes| “He can be our suspect.” He smiled to Sid.
at Mac Taylor room

            |Mac Taylor| He’s reading the murder files of Sandra Johnson. “Yes.” He looked at Sheldon Hawkes and let him in.
            |Sheldon Hawkes| “Mac, according to Sid, Sandra Johnson has made love with Mark Miller before she died.”
            |Mac Taylor| He keeps listening to Sheldon’s explanation.
            |Sheldon Hawkes| “Sid has told me, there is finger print on her neck. But I haven’t checked whether this is also come from Mark Miller, because it happened about five days ago. I’m not sure whether it can be processed, but I’ll talk to Adam.”
            |Mac Taylor| “Good.” His face is still showing a seriousness until Sheldon walked away.
            |Lindsay Monroe| “Hey, Mac. The traces along the way to Sandra’s room are a boot. And I found some scales.”
            |Mac Taylor| “Scales?” He is frowning. “Let’s go to Adam’s room. Sheldon is right there now, he has found the suspect.”
            |Mac Taylor| & |Lindsay Monroe| are walking to Adam’s room. They met Jo Danville.
            |Jo Danville| “Sheldon told me…our suspect is Mark Miller.”
            |Mac Taylor| |Lindsay Monroe| & |Jo Danville| are walking together to Adam’s room.
at Adam Ross room
            |Adam Ross| He is busy in front of his computer.
            |Jo Danville| “Adam!” She smiled nicely to him.
            |Adam Ross| He’s laughing happily. “A lot of people here.”
            |Lindsay Monroe| She is just silent
            |Mac Taylor| He is staring at him seriously.
            |Adam Ross| “Err…Sheldon needs my help to track the finger print on Sandra’s neck. I’m working on it.” He looks confused and back to his computer.
            |Danny Messer| “Hey, Mac…there you are!” He is walking closer to him.
            |Adam Ross| “Danny is here too. Can we enjoy this evening with beer?” He moved his chair and faced all of them.
            |Mac Taylor| |Jo Danville| |Lindsay Monroe| & |Danny Messer| They are silent and watching Adam seriously.
            |Adam Ross| He is back to his computer again. Now…he is typing and searching the data.
            |Danny Messer| “Mac, I check the fragments on Sandra’s neck…and it’s paint chip.”
            |Lindsay Monroe| “When I came to Sandra’s school and interviewed her lecturer, the last lesson she attended on that day, I saw it’s renovating.”
            |Danny Messer| “We must come there again, whether the paint chips is match with the school building.”
            |Mac Taylor| “Ok, you go there, Danny and Lindsay. Jo and I will investigate Mark Miller. Adam, keep working on it. I’ll buy you a beer once you’ve done with it.” He smiled to Adam.
            |Adam Ross| He laughed. “Ok, Boss.”

at investigation room 

            |Mac Taylor| “Mark, when did you last time met Sandra?”
            |Mark Miller| Sit down quietly. He didn’t speak.
            |Jo Danville| She is looking at Mac and then she is also sitting down in front of Mark. “Mark…?” She called him softly.
            |Mark Miller| Suddenly his tears are falling down. “I love her. I love her so much.”
            |Mac Taylor| He keeps staring at Mark.
            |Jo Danville| “How long you have been with her, Mark?”
            |Mark Miller| His eyes are still glistening with tears. “Four years.” He keeps bowing his head.
            |Mac Taylor| “When did you last time met her?”
            |Mark Miller| “On that day, before she died, we made love. I never…I never thought that was the last time I was with her.”
            |Mac Taylor| & |Jo Danville| They are silent and then they are looking at each other.
            |Mark Miller| “I didn’t kill her. I love her. You know what…I always write poems for her. I made it into a book and she kept it.” He said haltingly.
            |Jo Danville| She is staring at Mark’s boot. “Can you please take off your boot, Mark?”
            |Mark Miller| He took it off and gave it into her.
            |Jo Danville| “Are you wearing this boot when you came to Sandra’s house, Mark?”
            |Mark Miller| “Yes. Why?” He looks confused.
            |Mac Taylor| “Because the traces in Sandra’s house are indicated to a boot.”
            |Mark Miller| Silent.
            |Jo Danville| “And there is scale in this boot. That was Lindsay said.”
            |Mark Miller| “I wore that boot because…after the class was over, I must go to the fish market. I’m working there as freelance.” He explained scarcely.
            |Mac Taylor| “You went to the fish market after you killed her! Answer me!”
            |Mark Miller| “No, no…you’re wrong. The fish market is not quite far from the school. I went there to tell something to my friend George that I will come late. I said to him there was an additional class. I lied to him because actually I really wanted to meet Sandra.” He looked at Mac and Jo by turn.
            |Jo Danville| & |Mac Taylor| They went out from the investigation room. They talked outside.
            |Mac Taylor| “We need to collect a lot of evidence, because so far he’s not lying.”
            |Jo Danville| Smiled and walked to her room.

at College

            |Danny Messer| “Knock….knock…!” He opened the door class. “I’m Detective Messer.” He showed his badge.
            |Lindsay Monroe| “I’m Detective Monroe.” She introduced herself. “Are you Justin Davis right?”
            |Justin Davis| “Yes, I am. Can I help you?” He put down his pen.
            |Lindsay Monroe| “We are investigating the murder case of Sandra Johnson. You were teaching a lesson on that day right? That was your last time you met her before she died, Justin?”
            |Justin Davis| He touched his glasses. “Yes, that’s right. Sandra was a smart student. I’m quite shocked when I heard that she has murdered.”
            |Danny Messer| “Did you find any strange things on her?”
            |Justin Davis| “Nope.”
            |Lindsay Monroe| She is looking around. “This building is having renovation. I’ll take some paint chips from here.”
            |Justin Davis| “Never mind.” He smiled friendly.

at Sid Hammerback room

            |Sid Hammerback| “Oh, I found this, Sheldon.” Sid talked to Sheldon while he is working on Sandra’s death body. He investigates her stomach.
            |Sheldon Hawkes| “Sid, when I saw from her uterus, it looks bigger than normal shape.”
            |Sid Hammerback| “This girl was pregnant when I check on hormones.” He is staring at Sheldon.
            |Sheldon Hawkes| “If the uterus was large…it will take about 3 – 4 weeks for going back normally. So she did abortion, Sid.”
            |Sid Hammerback| & |Sheldon Hawkes| are looking at each other.
at Lindsay Monroe room

            |Lindsay Monroe| “Hey, Danny….the paint chips is not match. It’s not the same with the paint chips in that axe.”
            |Danny Messer| “Wait….I’m working on this.” He is checking on the axe.
            |Lindsay Monroe| She is sitting closer with him. “What did you get?”
            |Danny Messer| “What is this?” He found a small particle left in that axe. Then he checks it by using microscope. “It’s fine hardwood, Montana.”
            |Lindsay Monroe| “Fine hardwood?” She is thinking. “Is it a type of wood for kid’s toy?”
            |Danny Messer| He is sitting and thinking.
            |Lindsay Monroe| “Wait…wait…the paint chips on that axe…could be wood paint. Did you remember on Justin desk, there is wooden toy?”
            |Danny Messer| “Do you think he made it by himself?”
            |Lindsay Monroe| “Hey, remembered when you’re going to make a small boat for Lucy, made from wood? I know you couldn’t do it, but you follow the instruction. So…I think Justin also can do it.”
            |Danny Messer| “And this small axe is used to cut the wood? Unrealized…he didn’t know that some paint chips were still there.”
            |Lindsay Monroe| “And…that small particle too, the fine hardwood.”
            |Danny Messer| “He makes it for his kids. I guess.”
            |Lindsay Monroe| “Hobby.” She smiled to him.
at Mac Taylor room

            |Mac Taylor| & |Jo Danville| are talking each other.
           |Lindsay Monroe| & |Danny Messer| “Hey, Mac. We found something.”
            |Lindsay Monroe| “I checked the paint chips on that axe….is wood paint and not the wall paint like in the school building.
            |Danny Messer| “Yeah, I found small particle too on it. And it’s fine hardwood. Usually it is using for making kid’s toy.”
            |Lindsay Monroe| “I remembered when I came to the school and talked to Justin Davis, I saw a wooden toy on his desk.”
            |Sheldon Hawkes| Suddenly he entered Mac’s room. “Sandra has done an abortion before she died.”
            |Mac Taylor| He listened carefully to every information.
            |Adam Ross| He entered Mac’s room in a rush. “Err….after I worked all night long, without sleeping, oh…sorry….I slept…on my desk….for a while…errr…I…”
            |Jo Danville| “Adam…” She smiled nicely to him but looked at him sharply.
            |Adam Ross| “Hhm…the finger print on Sandra’s neck is belong to Justin Davis.”
            |Danny Messer| “Boom!”
            |Mac Taylor| “You have done a great job, Adam. Go…get some rest.” He smiled to him.
            |Adam Ross| “What about the beer?”
            |Mac Taylor| “I’ll call Flack to arrest Justin Davis.” Then he went away.
           |Lindsay Monroe| |Danny Messer| |Sheldon Hawkes| & |Jo Danville| are leaving Adam alone in Mac Taylor’s room.
            |Adam Ross| He is scratching his head by using his pen.
at Justin Davis house

            |Don Flack| “Justin Davis, NYPD!” He is knocking the door.
            |Justin’s wife| “Is there something wrong?” She is sitting down in a wheelchair.
            |Don Flack| “Are you Justin’s wife? Where is he?”
            |Justin’s wife| “He is in the back yard, playing with our kids.”
            |Jo Danville| “Are you ill?” She is squatting beside her.
        |Justin’s wife| Smiled nicely. “I got stroke. Half of my body is paralyzed.”
            |Don Flack| He goes directly to the back yard. “Justin Davis, you’re under arrest for the murder case of Sandra Johnson.”
            |Justin’s kids| “Daddy…Daddy….where are you going?” They start to cry. They keep holding their wooden toys.
            |Justin Davis| “It’s okay sweetheart. I’ll be back soon. You stay here with Mommy okay?”

at investigation room
            |Jo Danville| “Here.” She said while she gave a book to Mark.
            |Mark Miler| “Can I bring it now?”
            |Jo Danville| “You can keep it, Mark. The investigation is over. Justin Davis is the murderer.”
            |Mark Miller| “On that day, I kept following her. I saw her made love with Justin in the toilet. I was angry with her. After I got back from fish market, I thought that we would have a fight. But she kissed me passionately. I asked her whether she loved me or not. She said that she loved me. I wanted to meet her again at night, I would like to ask her to go with me…having romantic dinner. I have bought sexy dress for her.” He said sadly.
            |Jo Danville| “She didn’t love you, Mark. Sandra got pregnant with Justin. She did the abortion because Justin didn’t want it. Both of them had fought each other. Justin killed her because Sandra threatened him…that she would like to tell it to his wife. Justin really loves his wife but he couldn’t hide his desire upon her seduction.”
            |Mark Miller| He keeps listening sadly.
            |Jo Danville| “You can give that book to other girl who will love you truly.” She smiled to him.


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