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Daddy's Afternoon Gift

by - 10:12 PM

I heard my Dad's car was coming
I was still in my room, changing my clothes
He called me.

"Wina....! I bought something for you." My Dad said.
"Ok...I'll take a look later."

When I came out, silent already
I saw my Dad has slept soundly in the couch
He must be very sleepy 

Then I saw a transparent box on the dining table
Ah, so sweet
 8 tiny breads with various flavor
Chocolate, strawberry, cheese, and chicken
 My Dad said it's new bakery shop (when he woke up)
He would like to try it
Hhm, not quite delicious, but...
I was just happy because of his attention for me
I like the wrapping 
Daddy's afternoon gift has entered my stomach with hot tea

Thanks, Dad! :-)

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