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by - 2:19 AM

All of people will die right?
That's the life circle
But the mystery is...we never know how we die
It's God decision

Walking along the corridor,
always make my heart jumps up and down
Every steps to his room has made my eyes are glistening with tears
Being moved many times from ER to ICU,
all I ask is a miracle from HIM

Sickness complication has made my big uncle still stays in a weakness
He's very sweet and kind hearted
Humorous, very generous, humble, and so down to earth person

I hate to see ICU area
Hope I won't see this place anymore,
as soon as possible when he has met a healing
Any of you who read this, please say a little prayer
for my big uncle (Benny Rengga Redu), nothing more
God will works through doctors,
and there's nothing impossible upon HIS NAME
Get well soon, Uncle...
We all miss your laughther
In the name of Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit, AMEN.

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