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#iCare Competition ; My 8th Book

by - 3:20 PM

A happiness for me today
I'm always excited when my book is published,
or one of my stories project is chosen

I keep trying to write
I keep trying to move actively,
when my online publisher held their projects
To be honest, I want to be the winner,
get the prizes
But I do realize, I'm still a beginner
So...hearing that my writings have been chosen and made into a book,
it's the greatest satisfaction for me, indeed

#iCare Competition is one of them
A project for writers to describe how we love the universe
What we must do to take care of it?

I have made 'Simple Things for Miss Earth' at BOOK 5
The price is only Rp 45.000,- (+ USD 5.00)
How to buy it? 
Just fill this form and send it to admin@nulisbuku.com
(Name)Nama penerima:
(Address)Alamat lengkap: ….      
(Telephone Number)Nomor telepon: …          
(Book Title)Judul buku: ….

(Price)Harga buku : ….
(Book Quantity)Jumlah buku: ….

 Don't forget, #iCare Book on Book 5

Salah satu hal yang takkan terlupakan dalam hidup adalah 
menulis buku dan menerbitkannya. Quote#(Se)belumtidur

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