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Juventus Package for Me!!!

by - 1:13 PM

You can't imagine, how much I want to meet this man,
yeap, it's true...
I really adore him
Il Capitano from Juventus

Fall in love with him since I was at college,
 + 12 years ago it has been started
and never stops until now 

The top of it is...
when I made a story for him, based on my own imagination,
only about him
Title "HONESTY" and it has been published through lulu.com
Keep hoping that someday he will read it,
and I will have an opportunity meeting him personally
(let it happen please God)

I decided to join as Juventus member,
so that I can have the updated news about him
and I received these today
The photos plus signature
Card member 
(having this card is able to make me have a chance watching
all of Juventus matches directly in the stadium)
(yeeeyyyyy, I will wear it of course)
I keep staring at this name n his writing 
(although....it's only a signature)
La ringrazio molto, la Juventus.
Sembri splendida come sempre, Alex.

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