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Melting Down

by - 12:07 AM

Take a look of these pictures

My heart is always melting down,
because of their acting
I can watch their movies many times,

Batman Begins (15 times), The Dark Knight (15 times)

Legends of The Fall (10 times), The Devil's Own (10 times)

Golden Eye (5 times), Tomorrow Never Dies (5 times), 
The World Is Not Enough (5 times),
Die Another Day (5 times), Grey Owl (5 times)

Hulk (3 times), Troy (3 times), Munich (3 times), 
The Other Boleyn Girl (10 times)

*stuck in a moment watching him*
He's Not Just In To You (3 times)
I have watched it in my best friend's house at first,
You can guess?
I sleep with my own DVD about that movie

I'm melting down...
Keep watching their other movies

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