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The Morning Dew

by - 5:05 PM

I wrote this poem 4 years ago :-)

            The Morning Dew       
Far and away I walk through
Cloudy, raining, and cold….
Thunder is beating
Awake me from this mind

Now it’s gloomy mist in the early morning
Its daydreaming dripped with dew
Its broken tears to feel you
To feel the real you

I’ll do my crying in the rain
And hope you were there with me
But it’s vague…
Wanna runaway as I couldn’t catch it thousand times
It has faded away

Wanna disappear and find my shinning heart again,
With angels smile in the sky…and watching them dance by myself 

Juliana Wina Rome

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2 komentar

  1. blogwallking mba.

    blognya sangat menarik. Sukses.

  2. @Andra : thank u much yah :-) Nice to meet you.


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