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My Cutie Shiro

by - 1:43 AM

I've been waiting this time for so long
Ah, finally...
I can have him

He's so cute
He's smart 

I love it!
Here, let me introduce you with my cutie Shiro

"You make me ashamed." Shiro said. He is hiding his face.
"Come on, don't be shy." I said.
"Oh, no....!" Shiro said. He's drowning his face deeper.
"Look at me!" I said.

And then...
"Ok. This is me. My name is Shiro. People in da house call me the mask...
coz my head is dark, while my body is white." Shiro said haltingly.
"One more thing, I'm still five months." Shiro said again.

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4 komentar

  1. SHIRO IS SOOOOO ADORABLE. Can I pet-nap? xD

  2. @Shona : hahahahha.You can borrow him for a while.

  3. LOL I wouldn't mind pet-sitting :D


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